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If you need a debt consolidation or debt relief your best bet is with NDR.

5000, 8000, 10000 Credit Card Debt Relief Forgiveness In Houston TX

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This request came to us from Houston Texas.

Carl was looking for some debt relief because of his credit card balances.

His situation is not different or “weird” (although you may think he is by the time you read this) because many people have had some bad luck over the years and end up in debt that they never would’ve imagined they could be in.

Carl was self-employed for many years and then he sold his business. He was doing fine.

“Dealing with debt in Houston TX…”


After that he made some bad investments and their personal finances really blew up out of control. Then they both had medical bills that drained their savings – on top of that his daughter has some problems of her own he was trying to help her with.

Sounds like a sad story but it’s nothing like that. He certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor – as you can tell by his discussion with the debt collector on the phone (below).

He kept them on the the phone for quite a while just wasting their time and he seems to think it was pretty funny. He has some very colorful ways of putting things.

Nevertheless, Carl still has some debt issues to deal with and we are going to get to the bottom of that today.

Amex Card Debt?: $4932 rounded up to $5000

Submission From Carl in Houston, TX

How Did You Find Us: Yahoo

May We Publish Your Story?: Yes

What Debt Service Are You Considering?: Debt Settlement, Debt Relief, Debt Forgiveness

Ever Claimed Bankruptcy?: No

If Yes, What Type?: None of the Above

Have Collection Agencies Contacted You?: Yes

Any Repossessions?: No

Residence: Rent

First Name and Initial: Carl P.

Age: 57

“Flooded with debt in Houston Texas…”


Visa Card Debt?: $7645 rounded up to $8000

Other Credit Card Debt?: Discover Card that of $1872 up to $2000

Personal Bank Loans?: I have a consolidation loan for $40,000 and the balance owing on it now is $33,942

Vehicle Loan(s)?: I have one vehicle loan and there is a balance of $15,721 on it

Student Loan Debt?: I have no student loan debt

Other Debts?: I owe my son $5000

MasterCard Debt?: $9732 rounded up to $13,000

Mo. Payment You Can Afford?: I could maybe afford a payment as high as $150 a month

City/Town/Area: Houston

State: Texas

Credit Score(s): Experian 576 – TransUnion 589 – Equifax 557

Main Bank (won’t contact): Chase Bank Houston Texas

Income Source From Employment

I’m working at Home Depot but I used to be a contractor for many years and I still do the odd job building decks or doing repairs. Sometimes I get consulting jobs but mostly I only get the income from my job at Home Depot. I make just under $2000 a month before deductions.

Carl’s Work History Detail

I used to be a carpenter as a young man.

I was a journeyman and then I got a full-time job with a company in Dallas – then I transferred over to Houston Texas where I continued working for another 22 years.

At that time I became self-employed and started my own crew. I had the company for 17 years before I sold it to a larger company in South Houston. I guess you could say I’m basically semi-retired at this point  the only reason I keep this job is because I need the part-time income to pay some bills and to keep myself busy.

“Debt Settlement – Debt Relief Infographic…”


Medical Expense Debt

The main reason for my debt is medical expenses. My own medical expenses, my wife’s medical expenses and unfortunately my daughter has been sent to a rehab clinic for addiction problems. That cost us the most amount of money and this is the reason my credit card balances are high.

Debt From Bad Investments

I can’t say that I have always been a model citizen when it comes to finances but I’ve never claimed bankruptcy before. My wife and I have never really been in any situation where our credit rating would be damaged or hurt.

But as you can see I have a credit score that is fairly low now with all three reporting agencies. I don’t have a lot of money put away as far as assets such as real estate or investments. We lost most of our assets years ago with some bad stock market decisions – also some bad luck.

Wife Work’s In Houston As Well

My wife also works so she could be included in on some sort of settlement because of her income. I’m really not sure how all of this works so I am just winging it at the moment. I hope to get this all settled up soon enough so that we can get this behind us and we can be more relaxed about life in general. I have to admit that I am deeply embarrassed to be in this financial situation – embarrassed to even be reaching out to your company today.

I am hoping we can find a way to resolve this with our creditors sooner than later because we are starting to get those annoying phone calls from collection agencies.

Nasty Debt Collector Call

I am telling you that some of these little brats are really rude. As matter of fact they’re making claims that I know aren’t true and frankly illegal. I really don’t know what would make somebody want to be a debt collector and be that nasty on the phone.

Some of these people are downright despicable and I don’t know how they can even sleep at night – let alone look in the mirror.

One of them even went so far as to get personal with me and started making personal attacks. He claimed that I was a unfit human being and basically a crook because I wasn’t making my payments as scheduled.

All this and the guy was in his mid twenties from what I could tell. Basically a snot nose little bastard who obviously was raised by wolves – perhaps underneath some kind a rock somewhere.

“Debt collections tactics pictorial…”


I kept him on the phone for a long time purely for the entertainment value. I wanted to see how low he could go and then I explained to him what kind of human being he was becoming and that he still had time to make a change in his life and turn things around.

I told him that going through life like some sort of reptile is no way to be and that he should consider getting a different line of work.

I asked him if he was always a snotty nose little brat – or was that just something he picked up on the job. I asked him what he look like because I was wondering what somebody would look like who had such an ugly personality and nasty disposition.

He began to speak with a very foul tongue and every single four letter word you could imagine was spewing out of his mouth. I can visualize him at the other end of the phone with saliva dripping from his mouth – like some sort of creature from a dark lagoon.

I thought maybe he had a deformed brain – or something like that – because he just didn’t seem to understand common sense when dealing with other human beings. He was a nasty bit of work for sure and I quite enjoyed my conversation with him.

I really wish I could’ve recorded it because he was going off like some sort of nut job.

Anyways, this is my situation and I would really appreciate a little bit of help with it.

“Interest on debt flying away…”


More From Carl On His Debt Problems

Hello there. This is Carl from Houston Texas again and I just wanted to add a few things about my request. I would like to try to get a consolidation loan first if I could on all of my credit cards.

I would really like to try the consolidation first because I don’t want to damage my credit rating any further and I have heard that getting a debt settlement will damage my credit rating.

I’m sure that it’s different every place you go, but I would prefer not to get a lawyer involved between me and the creditors.

Should I be considering getting a private settlement with the credit cards? In other words, would it be better for me if I went direct with my creditors and made a deal with them? Do I really need to use a debt settlement company?

This is all new to me because I’ve never been in this financial situation before and I want to make sure that I don’t just jump into any agreement because I don’t want to damage my credit scores and my credit history in that way.

My sister who also lives in Houston got a debt settlement and her credit scores were brought down quite a bit and it took her a few years before she could start rebuilding your credit ratings.

I know that every person’s example is different so I’m not sure if her case is relevant to my case. But I assume the laws in place for Texas would apply for everybody in the state.

“Westheimer Ring in Houston TX…”


Also she has a different bank than me and I don’t know if that makes a big difference as well.

I was told once that if you are going to do a debt relief or debt forgiveness program with your creditors that you should get all of your debt on to your credit cards and make sure there aren’t any other debts hanging around. Is that true?

I know I’m asking a lot of questions but I think that I need to get some help and some form of counseling first – I’m hoping that I can get some counseling with a non-profit website like yours.

Have you thought about having a chat function on your website?

It would be nice to get some answers in real time off of your website so that I can speed the process up a bit as I am quite anxious about all of this and I need to get some answers quickly. At this point I am having trouble concentrating on anything in my life that matters because all I can think about is my financial issues.

Possible Better Job in Houston for Carl

I would also like to add that I have an opportunity for a different form of employment that pays me almost twice as much as I am making right now so this would make a huge difference for me financially and it will put me in a position where I could pay back all my credit cards and my other debts much quicker.

My question is how long do I have to get this better job so that I don’t damage my credit rating and how many months of payments can I miss without my credit rating getting hurt?

Once again – I know I’m asking a lot of questions and I’m very sorry about that – but there’s a lot of things going on in my life right now and I just don’t know which way to turn. My new job is in the tech industry and I would be doing electronics with a fairly large firm here in Houston.

I would be getting paid a lot more money and I would also be getting some extra benefits as well. I don’t have any more debt than the debt that I have already admitted to here today. There won’t be any surprises when you look at my file. I feel that it is very important that I am upfront about all of my debt right now so that I can gain some kind of trust with you and the creditors.

I also want to know if your company provides direct consolidation loans so that I don’t even have to go to a normal bank.

I have tried to get a consolidation loan with my main branch and I have also tried to get a consolidation loan with other banks that I don’t do business with at this time. Every single one of these banks refused to approve any kind of personal loan to consolidate my credit cards. All of my credit cards have at least 28% interest on them.


“Don’t mess with debt in Texas…”

map-houston-texas-credit-card-debt-settlement-relief-forgiveness.jpgOne of my credit cards I haven’t made a payment on it for three months. The other two credit cards I have not made a payment in two months. I am not so sure how all of this works but I’m sure that I will get to the bottom of it eventually with your help.

So thank you again for your great service and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

PS: I looked for a phone number on your contact page but I couldn’t find one. You should consider getting a phone number on your contact page so that people like myself can get some answers quickly.

I think it also adds to your credibility factor as well. It is also great to talk to a real person and not be simply communicating through emails, texts, and website forms. There’s something much more personal about it when I can talk to somebody on the phone.

So that pretty well covers my situation – there isn’t much more I can think of that would be pertinent to my file. I hope to hear back from you very soon.

Conclusion on Carl’s Debt Issues

Carl’s credit rating did get hurt for sure and he did end up getting his new job which gave him quite a bit more cash each month after deductions by his employer.

He likes his new job a lot more and he did make a direct negotiation with his credit card companies. Carl’s way of handling his debt issues was surely different than the way most people deal with their debt but in the end it all worked out for him. Sort of.

He still has to deal with rebuilding his credit scores over time.

Flipagram Video for Houston TX Debt Settlement

Image Collage for Houston TX Debt Relief


If you need a debt consolidation or debt relief your best bet is with NDR.


  1. Fiona Fiona

    I live in Laredo Texas and I would really like to get a consolidation loan for $70,000 if I could please. I have some outstanding bills and my credit cards to deal with and just like the person an example above I don’t really have a way to pay it off at this point. I do have a painting business that is fledgling to say the least and it has been tough to make ends meet these days. I could make a payment of around $400 maximum per month for this consolidation loan. I don’t think I’m quite ready for a debt relief program or debt settlement with my creditors. I still think that I will be able to get things worked out without damaging my credit rating any further.

    As you can see my credit scores with the three main credit history agencies are in the low 600s. I have been trying to get a consolidation loan with my branch on Saunders in Laredo and they are called the First Convenience Bank.

    They told me that it would be very convenient for them if they were to lend me money with my credit history being so poor. Unfortunately I missed some payments on my credit cards and even on my phone bills and with my landlord. I still rent which is unfortunate because my rent is as high as some of the mortgage payments I see people making these days.

    I was kind of forced into the whole rental situation though because of the divorce I went through with my ex husband.

    Please get back to me ASAP so that I can find out if I will be approved or not.

  2. Beverly Beverly

    I need a credit card to pay off all my debts and just have one debt. I need to consolidate them and pay only one debt. I need a card for $8,000 without an annual fee, or if I can’t get one with that amount, I need a loan for $8,000 on a five year plan or $5,000 on a card and the rest on a loan, whichever you can do. Please let me know ASAP. It would be late if it were this VERY minute!!! Thanks, Beverly Cowart

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