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PF Blogger Content RoundUp #1 –

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So I have engaged a wee bit with some cool people this week and they also have cool blogs related to personal finance, lifestyle, and personal improvement, etc.

So I want to highlight them here today. It’s a short list of 5 writers because I just started a Twitter account – and that’s another story….WOW that Twitter machine is handy and addictive.


deardebt-logoBy Melanie Lockert –

Twitter @DearDebtBlog

Melanie really touched me with a post called Dear Depression, You Are Not Welcome Here which reads like a Dear John letter – nice metaphor Mel!

If you’ve ever dealt with mental illness before you’ll be touched as well. I’ve been through the wringer myself with anxiety and depression which started when I declared personal bankruptcy back in 2000 so I know what she’s going through. If you read this please send a note of support to her on Twitter.

It always amazes me how some of the sweetest and smartest people end up dealing with depression. What IS that! And yet I’ve known some real knuckle dragging ogres (as sensitive as concrete) and they never deal with this shit. They sleep like logs and stomp through life like……well, ogres.

So yeah, check out Melanie’s work for sure.


By Chris Durheim –

Twitter @KeepThrifty

Chris recently wrote a post called Big Barriers to Living Smaller in which he writes about the challenges they’ve had downsizing their family of five.

Read it. Interesting regarding the restrictions in Madison on the minimum square footage of new homes. For now they chose an apartment but that wasn’t easy because there are restrictions on occupancy and they have three girls.

Sigh…as Joe Pesci said in lethal Weapon 2, “They fuck you at the drive thru!”

It will be interesting to see what they decide on in the future. What will they build? How big? Where?

My wife and I did the same thing 5 years ago moving from our house in Lake Bonavista Calgary (about the same size as the Durheim’s home) and we found a 1400 square footer in Saskatoon. With the difference in real estate prices we managed to pay off the mortgage and our vehicles. Finally debt free and yes… feels great. Took me until I was 54 to get there. (by the way if you’ve never been to Madison WI you should go sometime…beautiful place).

cbb-logoBy Mr. CBB –

Twitter @CanadianBudgetBinder

He published a post I liked called How To Keep Debt From Causing A Marriage Crisis in which he has a TON of good info on keeping your marriage and finances healthy.

He highlights an email he got from a fella who was going through a some hard times in his marriage and money had a lot to do with it. I love his first line in response to Derek, “Well first off stop with the “my finances” because you’re married which means it becomes both of your problem, not just yours.”


And oh so true. If you’re working together as a team the only thing that bring you down is a terminal illness. When you work together with full communication there doesn’t seem to be a limit to what you can accomplish.

He continues on with some very sound advice. He’s bold and blunt to say the least, but you have to be when your dealing with someone who is frightened and in doubt. You need to snap them to attention and objectively help them get back on track. Sometimes we all need an outsider looking in to give us some friendly advice.

Later he gets into (this guy can shoot a lot of different directions at once) education and I really liked this quote,

“…financial literacy must be a part of the education curriculum throughout the school years. So many kids are graduating without the financial know-how to use a budget, balance a budget, and think with a frugal mind-set.”


Check it out. It’s a cool site.

cashvilleskyline-logoBy Cate Dore –

Twitter @CashvilleSky

Cate recently posted How I Boosted My Credit Score Above 800 where she details what she did to accomplish this.

Definitely one of the best posts I’ve read explaining how credit scoring works with agencies like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Some gorgeous images and pie charts too (I’m a sucker for pie charts and graphs). I’m due for another monster post on credit scoring so I’ll be including Cate’s post there as well.

She includes some info and a link to the best site to get your credit score checked for free (ACR – look Ma! no aff link! 😆 – there was a time when I wouldn’t able to resist). I agree…best credit check website place for sure. If you haven’t brushed up on credit scoring lately check it out.

So yeah…go give Cate a visit – she won’t disappoint.


By Mike –

Twitter @NinjaBudgeter

You can’t help but love Mike. Get the feeling he could charm that pants off a……well someone who really loves their pants.

Mike lives in my hometown Victoria B.C.! What a fantastic place to grow up. Anyone reading who has never been to Victoria on Vancouver Island you MUST go some day. Put it on your pale with handle list for sure (couldn’t say it).

So he recently published 12 Tips For A Budget Kitchen Remodel – (How We Saved Over $10k) where he let’s us into his home and shows us around.

They were forced into a kitchen renovation due to a leaking dishwasher and out of it came an excellent resource when you’re ready to do your kitchen. My wife is reading his post because we’re ready to do ours soon.

We don’t have the balls to do the demolition ourselves though. We’re considering leaving the house while it’s being done and heading down to Palm Springs with the snowbirds for three months. Maybe risky – any advice on that idea is appreciated please.

It looks like he saved a bundle because of their planning and smarts. I hope Mike keeps up his blogging because he’s got talent.

In Summary

(oops, I can’t write anymore because I hit a thousand words and some SEO guru told me I should make all posts exactly 1000 words and I should wear a green turtle neck sweater when I’m typing)

I’ll make an exception just this time.

I’ve really enjoyed my first week on Twitter connecting with like minded bloggers in the personal-finance-get-out-of-debt-get-healthy-and-get-real crowd. I’ve never taken part in any communities online because my blogs were always in the loans niche and what is there really to discuss.

Bad credit you pay high interest – Good credit you pay lower interest.

Personal debt is different. It’s something we all need to deal with in our own way.


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