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If you need a debt consolidation or debt relief your best bet is with NDR.

Andrea in Chicago – $20000 Credit Card Debt Relief

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Andrea from Chicago IL was in real need of some credit card debt relief and below we have a full accounting of her debts and much more. We include her different balances on each card and more on the solution she chose. We hope Andrea’s story will help you with your decision making regarding your personal unsecured and secured debt.

“Video for Andrea’s Credit Card Debt Relief in Chicago…”

“No daddy play…unless you can pay…”


Andrea’s Visa and MasterCard Debt Relief

Andrea from Chicago, IL wanted to look at a debt settlement for her credit cards. Below is her submission.

How Did You Find Us: Google

May We Publish Your Story?: Yes

What Debt Service Are You Considering?: Not Sure Yet

Ever Claimed Bankruptcy?: No

If Yes, What Type?: None of the Above

Have Collection Agencies Contacted You?: Yes

Any Repossessions?: No

Residence: Rent


First Name and Initial: Andrea L.

Age: 33

Visa Card Debt?: Bank of America Visa debt $4893 rounded up to $5000

MasterCard Debt?: Citibank MasterCard that $8828 rounded to $10000

Amex Card Debt?: American Express card that $3892 round up to $4000

Other Credit Card Debt?: Citibank Visa card $2431 rounded up to $2500

Personal Bank Loans?: Personal consolidation loan with a balance of $34,929 rounded up to $35,000

Vehicle Loan(s)?: No vehicle loans because I own a 2001 Ford Escort

Student Loan Debt?: Still have student loans for $28,292 rounded up to $30,000

Other Debts?: Family member $5000 and I also have a payday loan debt of $1600 plus utilities for $1300

Mo. Payment You Can Afford?: If all of my credit cards were bundled into one day or should I say consolidated – I could maybe afford up to $200 a month payment

City/Town/Area: Chicago

State: Illinois

Credit Score(s): Equifax 401 TransUnion 423 Experian 434

Main Bank (won’t contact): PNC Chicago Illinois

“Debt in the Windy City…”


10000 Dollar MasterCard Debt

She had some Credit card balances that she couldn’t handle anymore because of a change in her cash flow situation. Andrea ground us with the Google Andrea ground those with your Google I gave us permission to publish this information while at the same time protecting her identity for her. She isn’t sure which kind of debt service she wants to use but she is considering her options.

In her case she just wants some help getting a debt settlement relief set up for her credit card balances with American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. She got these credit cards from the PNC Bank, Bank of America and Citibank. She is never claimed bankruptcy before her life but she is getting phone calls from collection agencies and she also doesn’t have any repossessions as of yet.

She doesn’t own her own home since her divorce and now she rents a place with her two children. Andrea is still young at 33 years old and she is just trying to get a fresh start after losing her job and seeing her marriage dissolved. Right now her Bank of America Visa debt is at approximately $5000 with her MasterCard balance being at approximately $9000 and her American Express card at approximately $4000. If she still had a job she could still manage to make the payments on these cards and make it through the months in regards to other bills and lifestyle expenses, but now that she is on welfare there is no real way to pay down the interest on these credit card balances.

Her situation is a tough one because her ex-husband was also her boss and when their marriage was over he made sure she was out of a job as well. To make matters worse he also decided not to pay her child support. This is a matter of the courts now so Andrea will have to wait and see if her ex-husband will be forced by the courts to pay her child support. We forgot to mention that she also has a Citibank Visa card with a approximate balance of $2500. The reason for her financial situation is quite obvious in that she was recently divorced and she doesn’t have any child support plus she is now on welfare. It stands to reason that there is no real way for her to pay down any of her debts now.

She has a personal consolidation loan of $35,000 still owing and she is having difficulty making payments on that as well. At this stage of the game she is likely looking at a debt settlement program. She doesn’t own her own home as we mentioned but she does own a older vehicle which isn’t worth a lot to any kind of collection agency at this point. On top of all of this she has approximately $30,000 left in student loan debt to deal with. This is why your brother told her she may as well claim Chapter 11 bankruptcy I walk away from the whole matter. But she just doesn’t want to do that yet. More will be revealed.

She owes a family member $5000 and she also has $1300 owing on utilities and $1600 approximately for payday loans – it seems like her brother may be right unless she finds a good paying job quickly. She is trying to bundle up and consolidate all of her credit card debts only and she said she can afford a payment for as much as $200 a month.

5000 Dollar BOA Visa Debt

Honestly, when you look at her DTI and her dependence of two young children we don’t see how she could make this work. Of course your credit rating has been severely damaged due to all the missed payments and late payments so her Equifax score is 401 while her TransUnion score is 423 and her Experian score is 434. She try talking to her main bank branch which is a PNC Bank in Chicago but they won’t even look at her because they see her as very high-risk. Unfortunately they are right.

Divorce is a VERY common reason for financial strife and personal bankruptcy. Often after divorce people will enter into a debt settlement plan hoping that they can get things turned around but then ultimately end up having to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is a very common process for people. In Andrea’s case all of the worst scenarios came true and her $1600 a month on welfare doesn’t come close to making her able to pay down any kind of debt.

“Struggling single moms…”


That money is just enough to pay some of the basic bills and feed her family. We are sorry to report that Andrea did have to claim personal bankruptcy and she had to start all over again. About three months after she was discharged from personal bankruptcy with her creditors she found a new job the pay more than her last job and she moved in with your new boyfriend loves her kids. He is an investment banker who has been very successful so it looks like she did land on her feet in the end. Credit rating will be damaged for approximately 7 to 10 years but it doesn’t really matter because her new boyfriend has great credit and lots of money to make their lives comfortable. She will be able to rebuild your credit later.

Welfare of $1600 a month used to get paid $3700 a month when I was employed. I have done some babysitting and other small jobs on the side but I was an office manager. I was making good money until our marriage started to fall apart. Then we started spending money recklessly and my ex-husband started drinking.

Are used to work as a secretary here in Chicago when I was married but unfortunately my husband was the boss and when we got divorced he found a way to get me laid off. He is also not paid me any support. Not even a penny. This is made it very difficult for me and I tried to find other jobs but it’s very difficult when I have two children aged 1 and 3. So for short time I am on welfare which I feel terrible about but it was the only choice I had at the time after I was divorced and laid off.

Amex Card Debt of 4000 Dollars

The main reason for my debt is obviously my loss of income and that has been the biggest problem because I can’t make any of my minimum payments on my credit cards. I feel that if I could have all my credit cards consolidated or had some kind of a debt relief with my credit cards I would be OK to pay all of my other debts in normal increments.

My parents can help me with my debts but they have been giving me advice and they think that I should claim personal bankruptcy for all of my debt and start with a clean slate. Especially when I don’t have any assets to speak of except for an older Ford escort. I would be happy to talk to somebody who might be able to shed some light on my options here as it is giving fairly bleak here in our apartment. Luckily my children are too young to really understand what is going on.

Single Mother With Children in Chicago

Divorce is another reason for my situation because a double income was now a single income exacerbated by the fact that my ex-husband got me laid off as well. So I suppose you could say it was a combination of the divorce and unemployment that caused my extreme downfall with money.

Debt From Divorce and Job Loss

Why only focus right now is looking after my children and all I can think about is their needs. I do try to make sure that I can think about my needs too and I do get some help for my mother who looks after the kids once in a while if I’m going out for a job interview or something.

“Credit card debt can hurt…”


It’s really been difficult because I can’t seem to find another job that pays even close to what I was getting paid at my last job. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to perhaps take my parents up on their offer and move in with them but they live in a very small house and I don’t think it will work out very well.

Plus where they live is not even close to her I will probably be working once I get employed again. I’m looking for some kind of credit card debt relief or perhaps if the credit card companies could just pause my accounts so I can have some time to get employed again but I know that that is not really possible and that interest will just keep accumulating going forward.

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your help if you can give me some help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Andrea’s Credit Card Debt Settlement Screenshot Collage


Chicago $20000 Credit Card Debt Relief – Screenshot Video

If you need a debt consolidation or debt relief your best bet is with NDR.

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