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If you need a debt consolidation or debt relief your best bet is with NDR.

25 Consolidation Loans For Credit Scores Below 350, 400, 450, 500, 550

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We have 25 debt files today and all of them are from people who have credit scores below 350, 400, 450, 500, and 550. In all examples these customers had bad credit and they were looking specifically for guaranteed approvals.

Personal loans with a low interest rate are not really available for people with credit scores below the 300 – 600 range, but some shady lenders will claim to provide these kinds of loans to people who are desperate to find a quick and easy solution to their money woes.

And because these folks are desperate for a loan they’re often prey to unscrupulous companies and individuals who say they will get them approved and the money transferred into their checking or savings accounts.

Complete frauds and scammers. Learn to recognize these ripoff artists and protect yourself – we’ve see far too many innocent people willing pay to up front fees to these criminals. This is just a warning so that you can avoid becoming a victim of these typical loan scams.


25 Loans For Credit Scores 350, 400, 450, 500, 550

Below we lay out the State abbreviation, principal of loan, and credit score in the table below.

OH $10000 350
OH $3000 400
OH $5000 450
OH $10000 500
OH $4000 550
CA $2500 350
CA $15000 400
CA $25000 450
CA $5000 500
CA $30000 550
TX $3500 350
TX $70000 400
TX $4500 450
TX $5000 500
TX $10000 550
FL $6000 350
FL $8000 400
FL $10000 450
FL $10000 500
FL $5000 550
NV $3000 350
NV $10000 400
NV $5000 450
NV $7500 500
NV $9000 550

We chose these loan amounts because they’re very common on our network of lending web sites. Common meaning that applicants are applying for these loan amounts more than any other loan amounts. We also made sure in all of these debt files the reason they wanted the loan was for the purpose of consolidating their high interest debt.

So without further delay below we will start. For each principal amount we will include the interest paid (on average) for each applicant’s file ranging from 350 – 550.

Note that we will include whether or not they were approved on a another post.

Ohio Consolidation Loans With Credit Scores 350, 400, 450, 500, 550

The Ohio Consolidation files.


Columbus OH Consolidation Loan With Credit Score 350 For $10000

First debt file is for Marcy in Columbus OH who wanted a $10000 loan to look after all her credit card debt she mounted on he Visa, MasterCard, and Amex Card. She got way out of hand with her spending on clothing and travel over the last few years after her divorce from her husband six years. As a result Marcy had a low credit score below 350 – can’t get a whole lot worse than that but we see them here at all the time.

They just couldn’t get along and when they officially separated she was so hurt by the ordeal she started binge spending like a madwoman. Along with all this to make matters much worse she stopped making her payments to the credit companies listed above. Well this was devastating for her credit score as it tanked over time – so bad that her score was actually slightly below 350 (344 to be exact) and with a FICO/VANTAGESCORE that low she was certain to get a high interest rate on her cards.

She couldn’t get approved with any lenders for a consolidation in Columbus and she couldn’t get approved using the Internet. She found us using Google and eventually she chose to get a consolidation loan.


Cleveland OH Consolidation Loan Credit Score 400 For $3000

In Cleveland OH George was up to his eyeballs in debt simply because he loved his dog. He had a Old English Sheep dog who needed surgery twice and as well all know the vets “see you coming” – so to speak.

George did have his two credit cards handy (maybe too handy) and it’s lucky AND unlucky thing. Lucky because at least he had access to credit so he could help his best friend feel better, and unlucky because it caused him to take on more debt than he could handle. George had credit score less than 400 and had to sign up with a debt settlement program in Cleveland.

The first bill he got from the vet was for $1800 dollars and the second three months later for a little more than $1200. $3000 dollars in relative terms isn’t a lot for your average income earner but he was on SSI at the time. He barely had enough money each month to get by after groceries and all essentials – never mind money for fun stuff or sad stuff like getting professional care from a vet.


Cincinnati OH Consolidation Loan Credit Score 450 For $5000

Miranda in Cincinnati OH had a death in the family and there was no insurance or any monies put aside to look after all the funeral and memorial arrangements.

She had a low credit score below 450 and that was making it next impossible for her to get approved for any kind of cash – even if that money was meant for something very important and not frivolous. She tried and tried to find a quick emergency loan but even the payday lenders and cash advance lenders wouldn’t look at her.

After this ordeal she sought out a debt settlement company to finally get her finances in order.


Youngstown OH Consolidation Loan Credit Score 500 For $10000

In Youngstown OH Samantha had a really bad credit score as well coming in below 500 FICO. She complained that she owed money on back taxes and if she didn’t get this loan right away she would lose her house. She had a lot of other debt she wasn’t paying off as well and that’s why her credit rating was so badly beat up.

She finally threw in the towel and opted into a debt relief program just so she could put behind her. It’s not what she was planning to do but she soon found out that she was going to have to deal with her credits sooner or later.

She requested an interest rate of 5% on a $10000 consolidation loan. Not likely happened when your FICO is 500 and below. She ended up getting co-signed on the loan with her brother which is the ONLY reason she manage to get approved – whoops….I wasn’t supposed to reveal the outcome of these loans. I suppose one won’t hurt.


Akron OH Consolidation Loan Credit Score 550 For $4000

Dennis in Akron OH had a credit score below 550 which is also in the zone where most legitimate financial institutions won’t consider lending you money and if they ever do you need a co-signer or need home equity you can use to leverage the note.

What happened to Dennis is another example of when a debtor slowly comes to terms with their bad finances and try to get a consolidation loan. If you don’t have any assets or (a co-signer) you usually never get approved for a consolidation loan and that’s why Dennis started by getting a debt relief program going.

California Consolidation Loans With Credit Scores 350, 400, 450, 500, 550

The California files.


Los Angeles CA Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $25000

Betty in Los Angeles CA needed some emergency surgery and requested a $25000 loan approval. She had a horrible credit score below 350. Her score was so bad that not even high risk lenders would give her a chance for a fresh start.

Her friends suggested trying a crowdfunding page so she could bank on the sympathy of others considering medical condition but she couldn’t bring herself to literally beg strangers for money. Her friends told her they would put up the crowdfunding page so that Betty wouldn’t even know about it but she didn’t want anything to do with it.

She also wanted to consolidation all of her $25000 dollars in credit card debt.


San Francisco CA Consolidation Loan Credit Score 400 For $15000

In San Francisco is Bonnie’s turn to try and get a consolidation loan for $15000 but had a really bad credit rating below 400. This meant that Bonne was paying a extremely and stupidly high interest payments in all of credit cards.

She wanted to consolidate quickly because the stress has been crazy bad for in the last few months. She can’t sleep at night properly and she’s even having trouble eating her food. Their is no question that stress can get to be crippling for people when they don’t feel they have any hope left.

This is why debt can cause people to feel suicidal. And this is why you should never let your credit rating get damaged. As soon as your credit score starts dropping below 600 you should working your butt off to fix it. Fix it ASAP or your stress will just compound and REALLY get bad when the walls start closing in on you.

Note that Bonnie owed approximately $5000 on her Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card. This is how we came to the $15000 dollar consolidation amount that she was applying for.


Bakersfield CA Consolidation Loan Credit Score 450 For $25000

Brent in Bakersfield CA was requesting a $25000 dollar loan to consolidate his medical bills and car repair bills. He had no choice but to use his credit cards for these things. The medical bills are from his daughter’s ski accident in Lake Tahoe, and the remainder of his debt is from the car.

His 2012 Nissan SUV broke down on the side of the road when going on a fishing trip one summer Saturday morning. He was really disappointed and then he was pissed off because his entire transmission was kaput.

Brent lives and works in the agriculture industry and he makes damn good money doing it so he feels he will certainly be eligible for some kind of consolidation loan. The problem is that his FICO score is below 400 and his overall rating really crappy too.


San Diego CA Consolidation Loan Credit Score 500 For $5000

And this my friends brings us to Steve who was completely desperate to repair his credit and consolidate all his bills that were overdue and in default at the time of his loan request.

He spent all his money on his boat in San Diego CA where he grew up. Steve was really candid about his perilous spending habits and risky lifestyle – he’s a gambler and he’s only 20 years old.

He went on a really bad losing streak (for about a week he said) and nothing would go his way. Like absolutely nothing was coming up a winner for him. Because he’s maxed out his credit cards and neglected to make sure his minimum payments were made his FICO score is now below 500 and as we have discussed before this makes it next impossible to get approved for loan that has decent interest rate.


San Jose CA Consolidation Loan Credit Score 550 For $30000

Eric in San Jose CA also had a pitiful credit score below 550 FICO and he was delinquent on his taxes to the tune of $25000 – furthermore he owed an extra $5000 on his credit card that he wanted cleared off with the same consolidation loan. To pay his taxes he got a personal loan based on the pretense that he was consolidating bills – but of course he wasn’t it. He was paying the IRS in back taxes.

When Eric got his initial fake consolidation loan his credit score was still fair at 680, but because of the turmoil in his life he started missing his monthly minimum payments on his credit cards and his existing personal loans.

So now somehow he thinks borrowing another $30000 will solve his problems but the reality is that his credit score being below 550 means his rate of interest will be astronomical. This is often the situation people are in when they find our site online because we’re the only place that allows you to apply for credit without affecting your credit score negatively.

Not to mention we’re non-profit. (just had to plug)

Texas Consolidation Loans With Credit Scores 350, 400, 450, 500, 550

The Texas files.


Dallas TX Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $3500

When it comes to Texas we’ll start in Dallas where Amy was in dire straits and desperate to get a small cash loan to pay her credit card bill and pay a lower interest rate. Not so easy when you have a credit score below 350 is it.

And the reason she wanted this cash so fast is because she was trying to repair her credit score ASAP. She wanted to rent an apartment that she was offered for a screaming deal but she needed to have a decent credit score. This when you realize how important your credit score is and how you MUST make all your payments to creditors on time.

Unfortunately your credit score is your financial lifeline and if that line is broken you’re going to FEEL it. When your FICO is below 350 you have a long way to go in order to regain your financial footing and gain back the trust of financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc.)


Houston TX Consolidation Loan Credit Score 400 For $70000

Meanwhile my fellow readers we have Sandra in Houston TX with some money problems of her own. You see she kind of went off the rails with her recent wedding and cranked up her total debt to $70000 – she had debts totalling $35000 before the wedding and when the wedding was over she was up to the $70000.

Ouch. Hope she doesn’t get a divorce now.

Of course normally it’s tradition that the family of the bride flips the bill for the wedding but in this case her parents were in bankruptcy at the time. She knew her parents were mortified with their current financial situation but yet the family has such a massive sense of pride Sandra felt she had to step up and create a lavish wedding ceremony.

Now she suffers the consequences of high interest debt. When she first applied her credit score had tanked below 400 so her interest rate was now through the roof approaching the 20% mark.


San Antonio TX Consolidation Loan Credit Score 450 For $4500

Then down in San Antonio TX we had Marvin who had a dream of being self employed after working 25 years for the city. He worked for the parks department and was bored stiff with his job and he wanted so badly to get out and try something else on his own.

Luckily for him he kept his day job because his idea was a huge flop. He figured that if he roasted his own peanuts in his basement he could make a tidy profit from his sales. He bought all the equipment he would need to make his product and he set it all up in his basement.

Then he found out he couldn’t get a license to produce his peanuts in home – it was matter of health and safety.

So he was left holding the bag and his credit score was already bad being below 450.


Austin TX Consolidation Loan Credit Score 500 For $5000

In Austin we heard Kathy who needed $5000 bucks to consolidate some pay day loans and cash advances she got months prior. She was simply overspending on “the good life” partying with her friends and carrying on as a lot of young 21 year olds do (your humble narrator is no exception here folks), and before she knew it she was knocking on the doors of the local payday loan shops in Austin. She even went as far as pawning off her Dad’s old guitar so she had more seed money to “party” with.

Kathy is an admitted drug user and “borderline” alcoholic but she managed to hold down a job at a local Walgreens not far from her apartment that she shares with two other girls and one of the girl’s boyfriends. All of her friends love the Austin city lights and nights in the bars and all of them suffer for it too. They blow hundreds (thousands if think of the five of the collectively) on pot, booze, and sometimes even cocaine – a VERY slippery slope and you chalk it all up to youth and “experimentation” but in Kathy’s case it’s ruined her credit rating.

At the time of her $5000 consolidation loan application her credit score was below 500. Good luck with that.


Fort Worth TX Consolidation Loan Credit Score 550 For $10000

Another younger applicant living in Texas was Joe from Fort Worth and his credit score was just below 550 at the time of his application for consolidation here at – abysmal to say the least (actually ALL of the credit scores on these files are bad because they’re under 600) and he didn’t know where to turn.

He tried getting the easiest possible loan from his parents for the $10000 but he made the mistake of assuming they wouldn’t charge him interest and when his father picked up on that he told his son to “go pound sand”.

I’m not sure what sand has to do with it or where he was supposed to “pound it” but I have a guess I won’t discuss here.

The problem Joe’s father had was that Joe had borrowed money from his parents before and he never fully paid it back so his dad decided he would charge him the same interest rate that the bank would charge him IF he had a great credit rating.

Florida Consolidation Loans With Credit Scores 350, 400, 450, 500, 550


The Florida files.


Miami FL Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $6000

Let’s go to Florida!

We’re starting our debt journey through Florida in Miami because we might as well start off in a big center. It’s in Miami that Carol works in lives as a cook in a small local restaurant down by the water. She doesn’t get tips and her earnings was barely above minimum wage but she couldn’t find a higher paying job at the time.

In Carol’s file we see that she has a credit card balance of $2000 on her MasterCard and $3000 on her Citibank Visa. She just wanted the $6000 dollars to pay off both credit cards resulting in a much lower interest rate.

Pretty basic I know but this was included because she was asking for loan in a non-typical fashion. At the time her credit score was UGLY in the 350 range (give or a take a point or two)


Orlando FL Consolidation Loan Credit Score 400 For $8000

Orlando may be home of Disney World “The Happiest Place On Earth” but it’s not a happy time for Desiree who owes over $8000 in payday loans and credit card balances.

She works in the Walmart tire center very close to Old Town in Kissimmee FL and she doesn’t get paid enough to look after herself and her 4 kids – this girl is really struggling to provide for them and the father died four years ago in a traffic accident.

No-one in the family has a credit score good enough to help with a co-signer arrangement – meanwhile her creditors are charging her 23% interest on her debt(s)


Jacksonville FL Consolidation Loan Credit Score 450 For $10000

In Jacksonville Marianna had a very common consolidation request for $10000 and the reason she had this credit card debt is because of plastic surgeries and other vanity-based procedures (such as Botox).

She was well overdue on her payment with Visa and American Express and she was getting collection calls more and more as each week passed. We’re not going to go into great detail for Marianna either because it’s such a common principal amount at $10K, but we will reveal her past work. She was an exotic dancer as recently as last year but now she is unemployed because she doesn’t want that lifestyle anymore.

She’s looking for something a little more wholesome. At the time of her application with her credit score was just below 450.


Tampa FL Consolidation Loan Credit Score 500 For $10000

Another $10000 debt consolidation from Tampa except this on was for Michael who had just wanted a second chance to get his finances under control. He had a credit score of 505 at the time of his application with

His debt was caused due to his Toyota Camry breaking down – needing a $2500 transmission repair and other bills such as his cell phone and utility bills. He also took a trip with his co-workers that cost him an additional $3000.

Michael admits he has a long way to go before his credit rating is good again. He applied for a consolidation, then debt relief (relief meaning a settlement basically.


Gainsville FL Consolidation Loan Credit Score 550 For $5000

Merle had a credit score of 550 and only needed $5000 consolidated. Even though that is a small amount of cash for most working people, he thought it was a lot considering his wages at a car wash in Gainesville FL.

His money issue is common as well meaning that he spent too much on his Visa card and maxed it out at $3000 dollars. Then he got another card when his credit score was still at a reasonable level and proceeded to max that card out too.

He wasn’t making his minimum required month minimum payments on his credit cards and that made his FICO score drop significantly. With his score below 550 he was in dire straits as he was turned down bank after bank after bank. He even went to his local credit union to plead his case for a cheap loan.

Nevada Consolidation Loans With Credit Scores 350, 400, 450, 500, 550

The Nevada files.



Las Vegas NV Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $3000

Of course will start with a debt file out of Las Vegas with Tammy who wanted a quick consolidation of her payday loans totalling $3000 dollars. She had three different cash advance loans to deal with and she was getting charged for late payment penalties and roll over costs. She was getting freaked out as well because there were phone calls all the time trying to shame her into paying your debt.

At the time she was getting around 5-6 phone calls a day from rude collections agents. She honestly couldn’t imagine why these reptilian people would want jobs where they were rewarded for trash-talking all day long. Tammy said they would threaten her and try to belittle her thinking that if they made her life miserable enough she would miraculously come up with the money out of thin air.

But it didn’t. Her credit score was close to 350  and she had no real hope of coming up with the money. She finally gave up sought a debt relief program in her local area.


Reno NV Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $10000

Further north west in Reno Bethany wanted to get consolidated for $10000 dollars as well. Her debt was because due to a work layoff she recently had and for about a year she has been using credit cards to subsidize the wants of life and not jus the needs of life – so of course these habits led to her really low credit score of 350(ish).

She’s a single mom of a three year old daughter and spent the lion’s share of her credit card limits on stuff for her. Toys, medications, clothes daycare, food, babysitters, etc.

She applied through with the form at the bottom of the page and was answered within two business days in regards to her loan.


Carson City NV Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $5000

Brian had a credit score of 350 (rounded up) and couldn’t be approved for the most high risk financial products. He wanted to consolidate $5000 dollars but he was told by all lenders in Reno that he couldn’t get a loan anything less than $10000.

This is what most people are told.

So what are you supposed to do when you can’t borrow $5000 at a low rate? The best option would be to not borrow it and earn somehow, but time is of the essence when you are paying huge interest rates and you are being hounded by collection scum.

If you want to consolidate $5000 you will have trouble finding ANY normal bank or credit union who will take your business – and there are not installment loans in that principal range with a decent interest rate either if your credit score in somewhere below 580.


Las Vegas NV Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $7500

Same as $5000 dollar consolidations – a $7500 loan is not likely to be approved, but Chelsea thought she could just buckle down on her computer using Google to track down an interest rate under 10% when her credit rating score was in the 350 area.

Not going to happen.

Only way she could get any kind of consolidation would likely be over $10000 and she would need a co-signer to get it approved.

Chelsea is a dealer at the Hurrahs Casino on the strip in Vegas and has been for the past decade. She sees people losing her money everyday and somehow she finds a reason to try her luck on the tables. She like craps the best though because the odds are mathematically in her favor. But even if the odds of winning in craps are better the house still has the advantage.


Reno NV Consolidation Loan Credit Score 350 For $9000

And the last debt file we have is for a request submitted in Reno NV for a consolidation for $9000. The applicant had a super bad credit score of 350 and they were at the breaking point they said.

Donna sounded really upset in her long form submission – the comment area she left was extremely in depth and she felt like was her last ditch chance at a second chance for peace of mind.

Why she wanted $9000 exactly for a consolidation we’ll never really know because it wasn’t brought up, but banks and lender usually round up their loan amounts.


So this has been a bit of a long-winded post and honestly I think I over did it. I think 25 different consolidations is more than needed just to get across the fact that it’s VERY common for people to get their finances out of whack over time and then be stuck holding the bag. Stuck in a rut not knowing if they’ll ever finally be free of their money problems.

Some of the people we get requests from even talk about snuffing themselves out because of a relatively small debt (like $5000-$10000 dollars). It’s really sad.

You should never let things get blown out of proportion and always remember that your debt is just a temporary situation. Your low credit score is only temporary thing as well. Just hang in there, learn to live within your means find a fun way to earn a whole lot more money.

If you need a debt consolidation or debt relief your best bet is with NDR.

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  1. Chelsea Chelsea

    My name is Chelsea and I live in Miami Florida. I would like to borrow $10000 so I can consolidate all my bills together into one payment please. I don’t know who to turn to and I’ve tried all the lenders in my area and they won’t approve me. I heard about your site from a friend who told me you might be able to find me a lender in my own area here in Miami. I would like to be approved for the lowest interest rate possible please because I don’t want anymore high interest debt dragging me down. I don’t think ten thousand dollars is really that much in the long run and I do have a decent job as a clerk in a Walgreens store that I’ve been working at for over 4 years now. I can also give you references for my character and you can even call my boss or landlord and they will tell you that I can pay my bills. The only reason I got behind is because I had a car accident and I had medical bills to pay and I did that with my credit cards. I know that was stupid but I had no choice.

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